The Expedition

A 900 mile race to the bottom of the world

The expedition teams will depart from the southernmost tip of Chile in November 2011. We fly to Patriot Hills, our Antarctic basecamp. As soon as the weather allows, we then fly onwards to the Bay of Whales and Cape Evans – the respective start points of the Amundsen and Scott missions.

Slog On or Scramble Up?

Amundsen’s route to the Pole crosses the Ross Ice Shelf and then ascends the short, but punishingly steep and dangerous Axel Heiberg glacier. Scott’s route crosses the same shelf but then takes the longer, shallower Beardmore glacier. For both teams, glacier crossings punctuated by hidden crevasses up to a mile deep, will be perilous in the extreme.

Each team will be completely unsupported, and will carry their food and fuel across the ice for seventy days.

The modern race is likely to be very closely-run. If all goes well, both teams will complete their journey in two months – arriving at the South Pole by January 2012.

The race is on!

Expedition facts

  • 920 miles
  • 70 days food and fuel
  • 10,000 feet climb
  • 140kg sledges
  • 120 miles of glacier

Map showing the routes attempted by Scott and Amundsen