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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge meet the teams

In Association with the Royal British Legion

Race patron, HRH the Duke of Cambridge, accompanied by the Duchess of Cambridge, met with expedition members yesterday at a reception held at Goldsmiths Hall, London.

The event was both happy, and sad, as Henry, Lou, Mark, Vic and Kev, along with friends, family and supporters, looked back on the galant race with fond memories.

Your faithful webmaster was in attendance too, and can happily report that a wonderful time was had by all. Our nation’s darlings, Will and Kate, were, as ever, impeccable in every way.

Below is a still from the BBC report of the event – click to go to the video. Vic’s wee one makes a star appearance! And quite right too, as the best looking Vicary in the room – no offence Vic.

Even though the race is over, it’s never too late to donate. Visit our Donate page for details of how you can donate online or by post.

Finally, here’s a short film chronicling their epic journey to the South Pole. There’s plenty of wonderful footage from the teams; see the Antarctic as they saw it. The sweat, the tears, the beauty, the hardships, the joys and the triumphs. Enjoy!



The Race has now finished, with both teams safely back in Punta Arenas before heading back to the UK. You can still take a look back at their daily race progress – click on the icon to see a particular day’s sitrep in full.

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