Remembering Antarctica – Vol. 2 & Axel Heiberg Glacier Video

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The daily race reports are but a wonderful memory, but the fundraising goes on! We’ll hopefully be bringing you news on that soon, but to keep things ticking over in the meantime, here’s another batch of images courtesy of Amundsen team leader Henry Worsley.

There’s also an image below from last week’s Welcome Home reception at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, many thanks to Neil Francombe for providing it. It was a wonderful event, with great speeches from Henry and Scott team leader Mark Langridge, all set against the remarkable Antarctic photography of¬†George Herbert Ponting and Frank Hurley.

Finally, there’s another video from Henry, this time of the formidable Axel Heiberg Glacier. Quite incredible!

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Scott-Amundsen Race teams at the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace



The Race has now finished, with both teams safely back in Punta Arenas before heading back to the UK. You can still take a look back at their daily race progress – click on the icon to see a particular day’s sitrep in full.

View SACR in a larger map


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