Remembering Antarctica – New Pictures & Mount Betty Video!

In Association with the Royal British Legion

You’ve all waited patiently, but here, finally, is the first batch of images brought back from the Antarctic by Amundsen Team leader Henry Worsley.

There’s also a wonderful video clip of the moment Henry found the cairn and fuel tin set atop Mount Betty by Roald Amundsen more than 100 years ago. As you can imagine, it was both momentous and poignant – relive the moment with Henry.

We’ll be sending out more images, plus another video clip, next week, plus you can look forward to images from tonight’s Welcome Home reception at Buckingham Palace. Seeing the chaps in attire other than that of a polar nature, will certainly be a change! Congratulations to our competition winners Steve Butt and Lee Poat, who we shall be seeing at the event this evening!

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The Race has now finished, with both teams safely back in Punta Arenas before heading back to the UK. You can still take a look back at their daily race progress – click on the icon to see a particular day’s sitrep in full.

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  1. Wonderful video. Antarctica is an amazing place from our planet. I’d like a lot to visit it. Maybe some day…

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