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Day 44: New Letter from Home

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Are you sitting at home snowbound? Spare a thought for the guys in the Antarctic, battling their way through temperatures of up to -40 degrees, blizzard conditions and complete white-outs. Thinking about digging your way out of the door? Dig deep in your pockets instead – visit our Donate page and support the Royal British Legion! 


Distance to the Pole (straight line): 273 nmi
Total distance travelled: 420.5 nmi


In Association with the Royal British Legion

Lou Rudd reports for the Amundsen team on Day 44. The weather turns on Henry and Lou with poor visibility and flat light, though not serious to put the guys off.  

Progress was relatively good today, despite the poor conditions and tedious double hauling. A nasty surprise when turning on the GPS towards the end of the day, spurs the guys on to double their modest distance and end the day on 4.5 nautical miles. It’s not their personal best by a long way, but given the nature of the Axel Heiberg glacier, it’s a veritable marathon! Keep it up, chaps!

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Distance to the Pole (straight line): 335 nmi
Total distance travelled: 419.8 nmi


The Scott team report comes from Kev Johnson today. Conditions are ideal but we hear a slightly harrowing account of a prison-like bottle neck in the glacier, causing pressure waves of ice that we can only imagine! 

It’s great to hear that general health is good and spirits are high, despite the constant risk of a bum biting from a grumpy old man. You can only listen, readers, I can’t explain.

Kev gives thanks to some of the generous race sponsors. Thanks to all the sponsors mentioned, readers can go to our Partners page for links to their websites.

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We give voice to the loved ones of our intrepid adventurers. This week, Tracey Ceaton, sister of Mark Langridge, shares her thoughts:

“I stood in the card shop with the festive music blaring out and I saw a card ‘To my Brother at Christmas’.  As I looked at the picture I was transported back to Christmas as a child with my brother Mark, exciting and happy memories of such a magical time. I bought the card and wrote a very personal message to Mark telling him exactly what it means to be his sister.”

“It’s a shame in life that not everyone ‘gets on’ with their siblings, well I am one of the lucky ones who does! I love my brother and I am in absolute awe of what he has and what he will continue to achieve in his life. I have never known anyone with more ‘gritted teeth’ determination than Mark. If you tell him it can’t be done he will prove you wrong!

“Each night I lie in bed and think of him and the other lads and exactly what they are putting themselves through (doesn’t always lead to a restful sleep).  I smile as I recall from the age of about 10 Mark continually saying ‘I am going to go to the South Pole one day’. ‘Yeah yeah’ I said and bet him my 10p pocket money that he wouldn’t. In January 2009 he completed his solo trip to the Pole…….. I gave him the 10p – he kept his word and I kept mine! Keep going Mark your family couldn’t be prouder!”

If you’re a family member or close friend, and would like to send your message out to all the readers, please do email Andrew Gough (webmaster) at info@scottamundsenrace.org.


Keep track of both teams with our interactive Google Earth map. Zoom in to see each day’s progress, with the position marked by pictures of team leaders Henry Worsley and Mark Langridge. Click on the icon to see that day’s sitrep in full.

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A Special Message to all Schools

The three schools that raise the most funds for the Scott-Amundsen Race and the Royal British Legion will be rewarded with a visit from the Scott team! Mark, Vic and Kev will give a full presentation during their visit, with slides, videos, images, in short, the full works.

Schools wishing to donate should do so via the JustGiving.com page. Enter the name of your school when donating, and email Andy the webmaster atinfo@scottamundsenrace.org to make sure we register your donation.

We’d also like to invite all the schools that are following the progress to contact the webmaster, so that you can be mentioned on a new “Scott-Amundsen Schools” page. Please include a very short text on your school and any SACR-related activities, especially fundraising efforts! We’ll list your school plus a link to your website.