Day 33: Lucky Friends

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Distance remaining: 350 nmi
Total distance travelled: 321.8 nmi



In Association with the Royal British Legion

Today’s Amundsen team report comes from Henry Worsley, who beings by quoting from Amundsen’s diary written 100 years ago: “It is as if Amundsen, his four friends and resting dogs, are camped around us.”

Henry’s report is a real corker today, as he promises some “rookie errors” from his “filthy apprentice” as way of retribution for yesterday’s disloyal behaviour. The Worsleynator lives up to his name by ending his report with some extraordinary fighting talk, as he delivers a message to the pipe-smoking Scott team. Now now, boys, put your handbags away.


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Distance remaining: 450 nmi
Total distance travelled: 301 nmi


Kev Johnson brings us the Scott team report for Day 33. It seems yesterday’s bird brought the guys luck, with great conditions helping them on to an excellent 12.9 nautical miles.

Mark, Kev and Vic edge ever closer to the Beardmore Glacier, their route up onto the polar plateau and an important milestone in the journey. All being well, they should hit the glacier in four days time. Let’s hope they get another visit from a lucky animal, a penguin perhaps?

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We give voice to the loved ones of our intrepid adventurers. This week, Lucy Rudd of the South Pole Lonely Wives’ Club (SPLWC) shares her feelings:

“Ever since I have known Louis, he has always wanted to do things in the extreme. Even when we had our three children, Amy, Sophie and Luke, he encouraged them to push themselves that little bit further. So when Louis and the children started to participate in Enduro motocross I thought that would be it. But no, Louis’s dream since I first knew him was to walk to the South Pole. So when he mentioned that there was an expedition going and he was going to put his name forward, I was not surprised.”

“Unfortunately for Louis he was not picked and was put as reserve. I must admit, even though Louis was disappointed, I was secretly pleased. But eventually he was put on the Team and that was it, there were months of trawling ski/mountain shops buying various items he would need (and lots he wouldn’t). His training started by pulling heavy weights in a field near us for hours on end, our dog Bailey loved this part of the training. Then he was sent to Afghanistan for 5 months prior to leaving for the pole so his training was then pulling tyres round a camp in hot temperatures (people probably thought he was mad!!!). He then came home for a couple of weeks and then we were off to Punta Arenas. I went with Wendi (Mark’s wife) and it was great being involved in the build-up to them going and eating and drinking all the Chilean red wine!!!!!”

Lucy with children Amy, Sophie and Luke

Lucy with children Amy, Sophie and Luke

“Now back at home, I listen to their daily audios with immense pride in what they are doing, something which is so hard mentally and physically. I am always relieved when I know they have completed their day of walking and are safe and well.”

“We as a family are so proud of Louis and everything he, Henry, Mark, Vic and Kev are achieving; now we can’t wait for him to come home, as our family is not complete while he is away. Louis we love you and we are just so very proud of you.”

“Thank you to everyone who has donated, please continue to support them in this very worthy cause – Lucy Rudd”

If you’re a family member or close friend, and would like to send your message out to all the readers, please do email Andrew Gough (webmaster) at


Keep track of both teams with our interactive Google Earth map. Zoom in to see each day’s progress, with the position marked by pictures of team leaders Henry Worsley and Mark Langridge. Click on the icon to see that day’s sitrep in full.

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A Special Message to all Schools

The three schools that raise the most funds for the Scott-Amundsen Race and the Royal British Legion will be rewarded with a visit from the Scott team! Mark, Vic and Kev will give a full presentation during their visit, with slides, videos, images, in short, the full works.

Schools wishing to donate should do so via the page. Enter the name of your school when donating, and email Andy the webmaster to make sure we register your donation.

We’d also like to invite all the schools that are following the progress to contact the webmaster, so that you can be mentioned on a new “Scott-Amundsen Schools” page. Please include a very short text on your school and any SACR-related activities, especially fundraising efforts! We’ll list your school plus a link to your website.



  1. Hannah on December 6, 2011 at 9:39 pm said:

    Just to clarify, it was myself, Hannah J – Kev’s wife, who left the above message – not Hilary & Brian – as I was using my mum’s laptop. Schoolgirl error I know but proud to be the owner of those thoughts x

  2. Hilary and Brian on December 5, 2011 at 11:50 pm said:

    It was so nice to hear your update tonight Kev – your “short fat-legged, man-boobed” boy’s reports are so refreshing and inspiring! You make me continuously proud with your high spirits, despite some setbacks. I would also like to add, Henry, that the Team Scott Wives have respected their husbands’ wishes, as hard it has been, and not divulged any info about Team Amundsen’s progress.

    Please keep donations and support coming for the Royal British Legion and the “Race to the Pole”!

    • Wendi Langridge on December 6, 2011 at 10:32 am said:

      I second that Hilary, the only information given to The Scott Team is what Team Amundsen are reporting – absolutely no information given on distances travelled and where they are, just the personal comments!! Hence why we will not tell them to stick Team Amundsens 17.4 nautical miles in their pipes and smoke it! haha

      • I’m not sure what Henry is playing at, but I fully agree with Hannah (writing here as “Hillary”) and Wendi that our “short, stubby legged” husbands are worth all the respect and donations they are receiving! They’ve got great team spirit and morale!
        Keep the great spirit and sense of humour going boys!!

  3. Wendi Langridge on December 5, 2011 at 9:50 am said:

    Haha Steptoe, Bring It On – Go Team Scott!! x

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