Day 25: “Short, fat legs”

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In the Press

Hurry down to your newsagent and pick up a copy of the Sunday Times! Henry Worsley features in today’s Sunday Times Magazine! If you miss it today, we’ll be posting an electronic version of the article on the website this week.

Also, visit to listen to race-supporter Brendan Magill on BBC Hereford & Worcester, who was kind enough to speak about the efforts the guys are making in the Antarctic. Brendan’s slot is 2hrs and 22mins in.


Distance remaining: 459 nmi
Total distance travelled: 210.9 nmi



In Association with the Royal British Legion

Henry Worsley delivers today’s report from the Amundsen team, and it’s one full of colourful adjectives. No, not foul language, rather words to describe the day’s miserable weather! However, despite the poor conditions, Team Amundsen storm on to break yet another personal best, ending the day on a massive 14.3 nautical miles.

There’s even some fighting talk from a very confident Mr Worsley: “I just can’t see Kev Johnson or Vic Vicary’s short, fat legs, however powerful, keep going at the rate required” – that’s definitely one for the ever-growing “Scott-Amundsen Race Top Ten Quotes”.

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Distance to the Pole: 549 nmi
Total distance travelled: 201.2 nmi


Today’s Scott team report comes from Vic Vicary. The going seems neither good nor bad today, and with the terrain similar to yesterday’s, the guys cover a respectable distance of 11.1 nautical miles. We hope that with Kev’s skis now “on the right feet”, they’ll soon match the Amundsen team’s personal best. Vic also gives us a breakdown of the Scott team’s daily routine, from their 0645 start to heads down at around 2200, with a gruelling eight-hour march in between.

Vic gives a special mention to Tenbury High School, and shares with us his sometimes questionable taste in music. Really, Vic, Linkin Park?! 

Finally, might we all join Vic in wishing his son Connor a very happy birthday! 

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We give voice to the loved ones of our intrepid adventurers. This week, Joanna Worsley of the South Pole Lonely Wives’ Club (SPLWC) shares her thoughts:

“The Scott-Amundsen Race is Henry’s second, and surely not his last, expedition to the South Pole. The first, three years ago, took five years to plan with a great many people helping in all aspects of the fundraising, training, planning and publicity. This one seems to have taken a brief few months which is an extraordinary achievement.”

“I remember clearly the day Mark came to our house in Hereford only a year ago. As he laid out a very white map in our conservatory, I knew straight away, and accepted, that the challenge and thrill of a second expedition would be too enticing for Henry to decline. Henry, however, being a great deal less certain of what our reactions might be, spent a week tiptoeing around our children – Max and Alicia – and me, reassuring us that he had only assumed the role of an ‘advisor’! But the truth will out, and after Max’s prompting that his father was a wimp for not participating in the race, it was only a day until Henry’s role turned from that of ‘advisor’ to leading the Amundsen team!”

Joanna Worsley with son and daughter Max and Alicia

“I’ve always been positive about this expedition, particularly as Amundsen’s route through the mountains seems to have no cravasses which might otherwise have caused some anxiety as there are only two of them.”

“I’m thrilled when people follow their dreams and even more thrilled when they achieve them. There is a wonderful quote by Henry David Thoreau in the mid 19th Century ‘go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined’. I have no desire at all to visit the South (or North) Pole myself and am more than happy leaving that to Henry. It is Asia that recharges my soul and fills my life more and more as the children turn into independent young adults, and so I head to India in the New Year…..”

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Keep track of both teams with our interactive Google Earth map. Zoom in to see each day’s progress, with the position marked by pictures of team leaders Henry Worsley and Mark Langridge. Click on the icon to see that day’s sitrep in full.

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A Special Message to all Schools

The three schools that raise the most funds for the Scott-Amundsen Race and the Royal British Legion will be rewarded with a visit from the Scott team! Mark, Vic and Kev will give a full presentation during their visit, with slides, videos, images, in short, the full works.

Schools wishing to donate should do so via the page. Enter the name of your school when donating, and email Andy the webmaster to make sure we register your donation.

We’d also like to invite all the schools that are following the progress to contact the webmaster, so that you can be mentioned on a new “Scott-Amundsen Schools” page. Please include a very short text on your school and any SACR-related activities, especially fundraising efforts! We’ll list your school plus a link to your website.



  1. Wendi Langridge on November 28, 2011 at 12:05 pm said:

    Haha Henry maybe you should eat your words and think of the Emperor Penguins with their “short fat legs”!!!

  2. Hi Vic, Remember Rome, and you blaming Hanna for some dodgy Map reading, well it appears Kev and Mark have outted you as having dubious Compass skills :-) Our Apologies to Hanna for listening to you!!
    Glad both Teams are doing well, keep it going,

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