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Day 22: Soldiering On

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A Special Message to all Schools

The three schools that raise the most funds for the Scott-Amundsen Race and the Royal British Legion will be rewarded with a visit from the Scott team! Mark, Vic and Kev will give a full presentation during their visit, with slides, videos, images, in short, the full works.

Schools wishing to donate should do so via the JustGiving.com page. Enter the name of your school when donating, and email Andy the webmaster at info@scottamundsenrace.org to make sure we register your donation.

We’d also like to invite all the schools that are following the progress to contact the webmaster, so that you can be mentioned on a new “Scott-Amundsen Schools” page. Please include a very short text on your school and any SACR-related activities, especially fundraising efforts! We’ll list your school plus a link to your website.


Distance remaining: 499 nmi
Total distance travelled: 171 nmi (25.5%) 


In Association with the Royal British Legion

Lou Rudd gives us the Amundsen team report for Day 22. The guys were met with the same flat light and poor visibility in the morning, causing them to consider a rest day. But neither were likely to let a little thing like the absence of a horizon, and visibility so poor that they can’t even see the ground below them, stop them. Oh no, not Team Amundsen. Instead, our dynamic duo braved the epic white darkness to end the day having covered 12.3 nautical miles, one of their best days yet. 

“For the last few days in a row now, we’ve achieved half marathon distances at around minus twenty, dragging a fairly heavy pog. So we’re doing ok.” – How’s that for good, British understatement? It makes us proud.

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Distance to the Pole: 580 nmi
Total distance travelled: 168.4 nmi (22.5%)



The Scott team managed to get away today despite continuing poor conditions, reports Vic Vicary. Though not the blizzard of recent days, the Scott team notched up a respectable 10.4 nautical miles. It sounds like morale remains high, and we glad to hear that the guys are ready to fight on tomorrow, on their epic journey to the Pole.

Vic presumes that we’re “probably all interested” in how they go to the toilet. He’s probably correct, though I wonder how many of us would openly admit. Hmm? A “snow bidet”? I’m sure there are trendy spas in Mayfair that would charge a lot of money for that kind of service.

Vic ends his report by thanking Kev’s mother-in-law Hilary, who along with Brian raised an excellent £710 from a charity bike ride. This total will be matched by Barclays Bank, so that’s a wonderful £1,420 to the Royal British Legion!

Thanks also go to Dave Sanders and the Cantilupe Masonic Lodge in Hereford, who raised £400 at their last meeting.

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We give voice to the loved ones of our intrepid adventurers. This week, Hannah Johnson of the South Pole Lonely Wives’ Club (SPLWC) tells us what went through her mind when Kev was picked for the expedition:

“As I stand here making Flossie Crums Poppy Toffee Cupcakes (thank you Gordon Ramsay) on Armistice Day I feel compelled to write my piece for the South Pole Lonely Wives Club.  If I cast my mind back to 2009, and Mark’s return from his solo expedition to the South Pole, I can vividly remember Kev saying “He’s got something else up his sleeve, and I want to be part of it”.  So when it came to ‘names in a hat’ for the Scott/Amundsen Race expedition I was neither consulted nor, in all honesty, paying much attention when Kev said he had put his name forward to be a contender.”

“I cannot really remember when this happened but it was probably just over a year ago from now and at the time, with two children under two and working full time, it was the last thing on my mind.  The draw took place and Kev’s name was drawn!  He was going to go to Antarctica with one of his most loyal friends, Mark, and others that he knew then really, only by name or face, in October 2011.”

Kev Johnson pictured here with daughters Luka May and Neve Lily

Kev Johnson pictured here with daughters Luka May and Neve Lily

“Ever since then, it has always been, truthfully, on my mind, but not at the forefront – may that be because life is busy and must go on, or because deep down the prospect of being alone and “coping” seemed insurmountable?  I don’t know.  I do know however that the dream/nightmare is now a reality and that my husband is slogging his heart and soul out day after day with two other men, the ice, and the random seal for company.”

“I feel immensely proud, as do all Kev’s family and friends.  Proud that he had the guts to put his name in the hat; proud that they are helping to raise money for the Royal British Legion on it’s 90th Anniversary; and ultimately, proud that when all is said and done, he chose to do this for his family, his daughters.  I salute you Kev Johnson. Hurry home, and get the dinner on xxx”

“May I also add that it is also truly heartfelt that so many people are behind ‘our men’ and supporting them along the route – if you are reading this then, Thank You x”

If you’re a family member or close friend, and would like to send your message out to all the readers, please do email Andrew Gough (webmaster) at info@scottamundsenrace.org.


Keep track of both teams with our interactive Google Earth map. Zoom in to see each day’s progress, with the position marked by pictures of team leaders Henry Worsley and Mark Langridge. Click on the icon to see that day’s sitrep in full.

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