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We are next to fly South…

Report submitted October 29th @ 00:11 local (Chile Day 12 )
by Henry Worsley

It seems that finally we might be on the move. The first flight successfully delivered its passengers today and returned from the Antarctic reporting that the runway at Union Glacier was in very good condition and that the weather was fine. So, all is set for our flight tomorrow afternoon. It is hard to imagine that only four and a half hours away by airplane the temperature is -25c and has 24 hours of daylight.

Our plan once we arrive is to spend as little time in Union glacier as possible and then fly forward to the Cape Evans where we will drop off the Scott team. The sea ice conditions are very changeable at the moment but hopefully they will be able to make it to the hut to start their journey – we won’t really know until we get there.
Once they have been dropped off, the plane will take the Amundsen team to the Bay of Whales and drop them off. On a satellite phone call the teams will then depart and next see each other at the South Pole in January 2012.

Our reporting schedule will now switch to a daily audio report only. Once we get underway you will hear a report from each route as we follow our respective journeys.

As our departure finally edges closer we are all now very focussed on the journeys ahead and the task we have set ourselves. This will be a momentous journey for all of but in the end we wont lose sight of the main aims; to celebrate a great event in the history of polar exploration and to leave a mark of that celebration by helping our wounded servicemen and women.

Thank you all for your wonderful support – the time for us to deliver is now upon us.



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