Daily Archives: October 28, 2011

Countdown from Chile

Report submitted October 28th @ 00:22 local (Chile Day 11/12 )
by Henry Worsley

Audio report submitted @ 00:03 local
by Kev Johnson

There is a definite sense around the ALE office that we could be on the move shortly. The first flight are on standby to go tomorrow morning – then we will be next, but not be before Saturday morning at the earliest.

Once we depart from Chile our daily contact with you will be via the voice messages from each team.  Once the two journeys start, the  teams have decided not to communicate with each other whilst the journeys are underway – but of course you will be able to gauge our progress from the website and the new front page which will show a detailed map of the two routes. 

Hopefully, tomorrow night will be our last update from Chile. Fingers crossed.


Today's audio report is from Kevin Johnson, member of the Scott team

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