Like Greyhounds in the Slips…

Report submitted October 24 @ 11:55pm local (Chile Day 8 )

There is little point in continually complaining about our delay here is Punta. There is simply nothing we can do about it – our time will come.

All we can ask is for you to continue the wonderful support you have demonstrated so far. In return, we promise you a compelling and I hope inspiring record of two significant polar journeys in their centenary year. You will all be alongside as we slide one ski in front of the other over the next two months.

And as a legacy to this project we want to do our bit to help our fellow servicemen and women injured on operations. Please spread the word to help us reach our ambitious goal. Many of you have been so generous for which we offer huge thanks. Our time to deliver our side of the deal is fast approaching – we can’t wait to get going.


We regret that there will be no audio report today due to a poor satellite link between Chile and the UK. We hope to have a new audio report for you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here’s a video from the Royal British Legion showing highlights from the Scott-Amundsen Race abseil down the¬†iconic Lloyd’s building in London, in September this year. The abseilers were Henry Worsley, Vic Vicary and Kev Johnson.


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