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Edging Closer ?….. Not Yet

There is nothing more for us to do. Our kit, equipment, sledges, skis, food, climbing harnesses, Christmas surprises etc have all been packed and weighed – and are out of our hands.

The Scott team seem to have hit the bullseye with an average total weight across their team of 140kg per sledge. The Amundsen team seem to have slightly heavier loads of 150kg each per sledge load. (By comparison, I weighed myself this evening and came in at 87.5kg).

For both teams it is an alarming sledge weight to pull but we have the luxury of the mighty Ross Ice Shelf to cross first – a flat area the size of France, across which we will have eaten half of our burden when we reach the climb through the TransAntarctic Mountains. But that seems months away right now.

Patience and fortitude conquer all things.

Lt Col Henry Worsley, leader of the Amundsen expedition


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Latest pictures from Chile

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The teams in Chile (left to right): Henry Worsley, Lennie Browne, Lou Rudd, Mark Langridge, Kev Johnson, Vic Vicary

"Keep Frozen"

The teams weighing their equipment - The Scott team hits the target averaging 140kg per sledge while the Amundsen team is slightly over at 150kg