Cracks at Cape Evans

The most significant news today concerns the state of the sea ice around the area of Cape Evans and Captain Scott’s hut.

The sea ice has been very unstable throughout the winter and for the first time since 1996 has not frozen to its normal depth and as a result a crack, up to 2 meters wide in places has appeared out from the Erebus tongue which is the ice that flows out into the Ross Sea. This has meant that access to Cape Evans over the sea ice has been dramatically reduced.
The intention is still for the Scott Team to start from Scott’s hut but access to the area will not be easy. Much more information is needed before any firm decision is made but it is disappointing news at this stage.

Our kit and equipment is now ready for loading but the weather is still playing its part. Thankfully we have no tight deadlines to meet so we must just remain patient and our turn will come.

And finally, Captain Oates’ polar medal has been much admired over the past few days and it serves as a poignant reminder to all of the act of sacrifice and chivalry carried out on the bleak landscape of the Great Ice Barrier in March 1912.


WO2 Mark Langridge MC, leader of the Scott Expedition

Today's audio report is the first from Mark Langridge, leader of the Scott Team

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  1. Jochen and Chazz-Moon Horst on October 20, 2011 at 12:14 pm said:

    Good Luck from my eight-year-old son Chazz and myself for all of you guys.
    There are not many manly things left to do in these times.I admire your guts and your spirit.

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