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Patience and Optimism

Scott-Amundsen Race reports from Punta Arenas

It was Ernest Shackleton who identified the qualities of patience and optimism be present in all polar explorers who were to travel with him. And here in Punta Arenas those qualities are likely to be needed a hundred years later.

The first flight of the season from here to Union Glacier (on the Antarctic) has already been delayed 48 hours due to bad weather – so we are expecting there to be a knock on effect which might impact on us as we are due to fly on Saturday.

But we had enough to do today. Our kit and equipment, especially the food, which had arrived earlier this week, was unpacked and re-stowing in weekly bags. We will be carrying 9 weeks’ worth of food (63 days) plus an additional 10 days in case of an emergency or long delay due to the weather.

Tomorrow will be much the same as today and then hopefully we will still be able to fly on Saturday; but only the Antarctic’s wind and snow will decide that.

Lt Col Henry Worsley, leader of the Amundsen expedition


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