In Punta Arenas – One Step Closer

The team has now arrived in Punta Arenas after a long but uneventful journey. Our freight will be collected tomorrow, unpacked and then re-packed over the next few days, ready for the onward journey on Saturday.

It seems that our Scott team will be the only group following that route this year which will be a privileged and wonderfully uninterrupted journey for them. To be the only British expedition celebrating the exact footsteps of that extraordinary group of men in the centenary year is worthy of note.

Norwegian interest is rather stronger. I think the Amundsen team will see tracks of other expeditions but hopefully not the hand of man on the journey.

Finally, thank you all so much for your support. The message board has been well used and the generous donations have been fantastic. Please do spread the word about our project – the more followers we can get, the more we can potentially raise for our wounded comrades facing a life ahead of extreme difficulty.

I note that 100 years ago Amundsen writes in his diary; ” Were ready again this morning. The same comedy again – gale and fog. Again we had to give up. Patience, patience, that is what we need here. In spite of the fog managed to fetch two seals we shot.”

Lt Col Henry Worsley, leader of the Amundsen expedition


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