Captain Oates’ Polar Medal Journey South

Henry Worsley with Oates' MedalI have always wanted to take an iconic item from Captain Scott’s expedition with me on the journey South – but what ?

Earlier this week I had the rare honour of being presented with Captain Oates’ polar medal in the Cavalry and Guards Clubs in front of the fabulous painting of him walking to his death. Mr Bryan Oates, his great nephew, was also present.

The medal, awarded posthumously, will travel to Scott’s Terra Nova hut at Cape Evans and then be taken on the journey across the Ross Ice Shelf to the point he was last seen. The team will build a small snow cairn to mark the spot, and a moment of reflection and thanks for his life will be marked.

It is a great honour to be entrusted with such an iconic item and I know it will become a most powerful talisman to hold during the darker moments of the journey ahead. You will hear it referred to during our daily updates.

- Henry Worsley

The first audio update will be posted here on October 17, when the teams arrive in Chile to start their preparations for the race. Subscribe to the Daily Update email alerts here.


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